Recipe of the Day – Warm aubergine, pomegranate & harissa salad

Warm aubergine, pomegranate & harissa salad Bursting with Middle Eastern flavour This aubergine salad with goat’s cheese is beautiful with the pomegranate jewels scattered over Ingredients 2 small aubergines, cut into 3cm chunks 1 teaspoon cumin seeds, toasted sea salt freshly ground black pepper olive oil 1 loaf ciabatta, split in half horizontally 1 clove [...]

Recipe of the Day – The best pasta salad

With ripe tomatoes, olives and basil This fragrant pasta salad is the best in summer – just the thing for a light lunch or barbecue Serves 4 Preparing time:15m Difficulty: Super easy Nutritional Information (amount per serving) Calories 487kcal Carbs 44.0g Sugar 4.9g Fat 29.4g Saturates 4.0g Protein 10.0g Ingredients 310 g small shell-shaped pasta [...]

Jamie going Down Under

Published | February 10, 2014 | In Foundation posts, News | Comments Off Calling all Aussies! A Jamie Oliver cooking school could be springing up in your hometown, but it’s up to you decide where. Today Jamie announced that he’s on the hunt for a location for a new pop-up Ministry of Food cooking [...]

Recipe-of-the-Day – Artichoke risotto

Perfectly oozy and comforting This simple twist on a risotto bianco is made special with flavorsome artichokes and fresh mint Artichoke risotto (Risotto ai carciofi) Even though artichokes are a really everyday ingredient in Italy, in the UK and Australia they do feel very luxurious. This is a basic risotto bianco with very thinly sliced [...]

Recipe of the Day – Lemon butter biscuits

Lovely with a good cup of tea These little lemon biscuits are so delicious and easy – you’ll never need to buy biccies again! These biscuits are dead easy to make and perfect for a simple gift. If you fancy jazzing them up for Christmas, try using an orange in place of the lemons and [...]

Recipe of the Day – Rainbow salad wrap

A KID-FRIENDLY FAVORITE! This is colorful, seriously tasty and fun to make. Feel free to use other firm fruit and vegetables that are in season where you live. Nutritional Information (amount per serving) Calories: 191kcal Carbs 23.3g Sugar 10.3g Fat 7.6g Saturates 2.4g Protein 6g Serves 6 Approx time: 30 Difficulty: super easy Ingredients 2 [...]

Recipe of the Day – Classic tomato spaghetti

A beautifully simple pasta dish A great introduction to pasta for kids – loads of fun to eat, and a brilliant base for adding all kinds of other fresh ingredients. Nutritional Information (amount per serving) Calories 283kcal Carbs 51.5g Sugar 7.3g Fat 3.8g Saturates 1g Protein 9.7g Serves 8 Approx time: 75 Difficulty: super easy [...]

Recipe of the Day – Salmon Fishcakes

A delicious favorite at home, this is a great recipe to get the kids cooking, plus it’s super-tasty too. Nutritional Information (amount per serving) Calories 383kcal Carbs 31.9g Sugar 1.5g Fat 16.5g Saturates 2.8g Protein 25g Serves 4 Approx time: 90 Difficulty: not too tricky Ingredients sea salt and freshly ground black pepper 50 g [...]

Recipe of the Day – Crunchy Carrot Pittas

Crunchy Carrot Pittas This simple, fresh lunch is great for kids – get them involved in the preparation and you’re sure to have clean plates all round. Nutritional Information (amount per serving) Calories 315kcal Carbs 36.3g Sugar 5.9g Fat 13.6g Saturates 1.9g Protein 8.3g Serves 6 Approx time: 60 minutes, Difficulty: super easy Ingredients: 6 [...]

Recipe of The Day – Veggie Chilli

Ingredients 2 medium-sized sweet potatoes, approximately 500g 1 level teaspoon cayenne pepper, plus extra for sprinkling 1 heaped teaspoon ground cumin, plus extra for sprinkling 1 level teaspoon ground cinnamon, plus extra for sprinkling sea salt freshly ground black pepper olive oil 1 onion 1 red pepper 1 yellow pepper 2 cloves garlic a bunch [...]