Sesame Butterflied Cicken

Peanut sauce, Asian slaw & rice noodles “Adding a lovely bit of crunch to this simple dish, slaw ingredients Chinese cabbage and sugar snap peas are a source of vitamin C, which we need to make cell-protecting vitamin E. ” Serves 2 Cooks In 18 minutes Difficulty: Not too tricky Nutrition per serving Calories 489 [...]

Chocolate pumpkin brûlée pie

The ultimate pumpkin pie recipe “The chocolate in this triple-layer pie serves as a delicious barrier between the filling and crust, keeping the pastry crisp ” Serves 10 Cooks In 1H 45M Difficulty:Not too tricky Nutrition per serving Calories 466 23% Fat 31.2g 45% Saturates 18.5g 93% Protein 7.4g 15% Carbs 41.8g 16% Sugars 22.8g [...]

Chicken milanese with spaghetti

SERVES 2 COOKS IN 45 MINUTES DIFFICULTY: NOT TOO TRICKY Chicken, Dinner for two, Romantic meals, Italian NUTRITION PER SERVING Calories 965 48% Fat 24.1g 34% Saturates 6.7g 34% Protein 68.8g 137% Carbs 126.8g 49% Sugars 10.3g 11% Salt 2.1g 35% Fiber 6.1g – OF AN ADULT’S REFERENCE INTAKE Ingredients: 2 cloves of garlic ½ [...]

Gluten-free beef lasagna

With homemade pasta “An old-school dish that everyone loves, this gluten-free lasagna recipe is just as good as the real thing. ” Serves 10 Cooks In 3H 15M Difficulty: Not too tricky Nutrition per serving Calories 398 20% Fat 21g 30% Saturates 9g 45% Protein 21.6g 43% Carbs 32.6g 13% Sugars 10.4g 12% Ingredients: 2 [...]

Roasted beetroot, red onion & watercress salad

“Beetroot is one of my favorite vegetables. I prefer to buy bunches of them with the leaves on, as the stalks and leaves are so tasty and nutritious. ” Serves 6 to 8 Cooks In 2H 20M Difficulty: Not too tricky Nutrition per serving Calories 339 17% Fat 19.6g 28% Saturates 2.7g 14% Protein 6.2g [...]