Baked polenta chips with pesto dip

Finished with oregano & Parmesan “This is great served alongside a couple of other small plates for people to dip into. ” Serves 4 Cooks In 50 minutes plus chilling Difficulty : Not too tricky Ingredients 400 ml organic vegetable stock 150 g quick-cook polenta , plus 2 tablespoons for dusting 40 g Parmesan cheese [...]

Recipe of the day – Gennaro’s spaghetti alla puttanesca

“This beautiful, punchy, authentic pasta recipe can be rustled up in no time. ” Serves 4 Cooks In 15 minutes Difficulty : Super easy Nutrition per serving Calories       457    23% Fat               10g     14% Saturates   1.3g       7% Protein     15.7g    35% Carbs        74.7g    29% Sugars        1.4g      2% Of an adult’s reference intake Ingredients [...]

Mediterranean “chicken ‘n chips”

Roasted lemon wedges, fresh thyme & olives “Lovely lemony chicken legs with crushed new potatoes, all cooked in one tray – it’s such an easy, satisfying dinner and the zingy, herby flavors will bring a bit of sunshine to the table. ”   Print Serves 4 Cooks In1 hour Difficulty: Not too tricky Chicken, Jamie [...]

Recipe of the Day – Souvlaki (Wicked kebabs)

With tzatziki and grilled peppers “Real Greek kebabs are fresh and full of flavor, and this souvlaki recipe comes up with the goods ” Makes 8 generous kebabs Serves 4 Cooks In1 hour Difficulty: Super easy Ingredients 3 sweet pointed peppers 8 flatbreads , to serve 4 sprigs fresh mint , leaves picked 1 small [...]

Recipe of the Day – Gorgeous Gado-Gado

An Indonesian mega salad “This is a mega salad that has its roots in Sundanese cooking and has now become the typical street food of Jakarta in Indonesia. Gado-gado means medley or potpourri, which refers to all the different seasonal veggies and ingredients that are used, making it slightly different wherever you go and whatever [...]

Recipe of the Day – Spicy Barberqued Leg of Lamb

With minty lemon yogurt for dipping “The beauty of this dish is that you get the smoke and theater of a barbecued leg of lamb, but the security of knowing that it’s properly cooked because you given it a bit of a head-start in the oven. ” Serves 8 Cooks In1 hour plus marinating & [...]

Recipe of the Day – Roast Venison

Wrapped in prosciutto “This is a phenomenally delicious way to roast venison, and the method is foolproof, too. Protected by the fatty, crispy prosciutto as it cooks, then served blushing with this outrageously good, silky sauce, it’s hard to beat. ” Serves 10 Cooks In 3H 15M Difficulty: Not too tricky     Nutrition per [...]

Recipe of the Day – Insanely good oxtail stew

Dark, sticky & super-tasty “Let the oven do the hard work – this rich, oozy oxtail stew is well worth the wait. ” Serves 8 Cooks In6 hours Difficulty: Super easy Ingredients 2.5 kg oxtail , chopped into 4cm chunks (ask your butcher to do this) olive oil 2 medium leeks 2 sticks of celery [...]

Recipe of the Day – Kung Pao Chicken

Kung Pao chicken With a fresh, ribbon salad   “This Szechuan-inspired chicken dish is spicy, slightly sweet and incredibly delicious. ” Serves 2 Cooks In45 minutes Difficulty:  Super easy Ingredients 1 tablespoon Szechuan peppercorns 2½ tablespoons cornflour 4 skinless higher-welfare chicken thighs , (350g) groundnut oil , or vegetable oil 4 cloves of garlic 5 [...]